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NYPD Massacres Motorcycles on Facebook

The government of New York released through their Facebook page something horrendous: a massacre of illegal motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATV's

 They say these bikes were taken from people doing stupid stuff with it, or they didn't have documents, were stolen... does any of that make you feel better by now?

They actually showed this horror show live. If you go to around the 29:30 mark, you'll see it when it happens. But I warn you - this will make you mad.


I mean, c'mon... couldn't these bikes been sold to people? Couldn't this waste of money be turned into profit for the city?

I think someone is trying to show off, if you ask me. There's absolutely no way to justify such a shameful act.

We're NOT happy.

This is the link to their post



Mark on October 10 2017 at 02:51PM

Now what….dumb. All this resource to prove a point? Think about it… To set up, do this stunt, clean it up… Couldn’t use less effort and sell to a cycle salvage yard? They would probably pick up AND pay for them… Revenue for city. How many people did state of New York pay to do this? With Tax payer $! Just a thought….

Wendell Williams on September 28 2017 at 08:11AM

What good at all did that do please explain all you just did was promote more stealing ATV dirt bikes and everything you just destroyed from Knuckleheads you took it from the answer to your problem is not being a knucklehead like the people that you police

James Bolf on September 05 2017 at 05:13PM

Yea, I’m sure they where trying to make a point. But what I takeaway from this video is how heavy handed, financially uncaring and just plain assholes government is! Lots of ways they could have made their point and showed that you will lose your bike and the city will benefit from it. Dickwads!!

Chuck on August 04 2017 at 09:49AM

Oh the unknowing… If they sold the bikes for profit they would be accused of taking citizen property just for profit. All property taken legally by the police get destroyed unless a rightful owner claims it. So don’t blame NYPD for this, it’s the citizens who claim cops take just for themselves and law makers who pass the laws to destroy instead of profit. Plus bet ya MC dealers/manufactures wouldn’t like cops selling bikes, cutting into their business.

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