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5 Survival Tips for the Road On Hot Days

Hello fellow rider,

We got a lot of great feedback on our “Should I wear leather jackets when it’s hot?” blog post, so I decided to give some tips on this matter (both for comfort and safety).


So I’m calling it the:

5 Survival Tips for the Road On Hot Days

  1. Stay hydrated - always bring water with you. ALWAYS. Dehydration can cause you to lose your wit, your reflexes and cause serious, serious accidents.
  2. Protect your eyes - Always wear your sunglasses/goggles when the sun’s out. Keep extras with you, too, at all times. Your eyes can also get sunburn!
  3. Cool down - if it’s too hot, dip your bandanas, neckbands, towels… in cold water. When you wrap those around your neck, you cool down your entire body! 
  4. Wet your hair - same effect as above - it’s not like your helmet wouldn’t get drenched anyway, isn’t it? 
  5. Park in the shadow and cover your seat - a black seat or gas tank can get really, really hot. This will help you keep the whole system cooler

    Do you have any other tips? Comment below and we might add them to our list!

    Stay blessed and ride safe,

    Born 2 Ride

    If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you go on and read it - and be convinced on why you should always wear a leather jacket even when it’s hot - click here to read it now

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