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From Desert Hot To Polar Cold - The Leather Shield That Beats it All

The USA has the world’s most ferocious weather extremes. No other patch of land on the planet has to deal with it all: heat waves, blizzards, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the list goes on and on.

Pretty much anywhere you live in this great Country, from halfway to the equator all the way to the North Pole, it’s a pretty safe bet to say you live in some area that has extreme weather at least a portion of the year.

And as bikers we always are… I was gonna say exposed, but actually, it’s more like we ARE part of the weather. We are IN it.

And while some of us get fascinated and even chase tornadoes (absolute cuckoo), most of us try to deal with them the best we can.

Especially true when you’re riding a 2 wheeled beast. I repeat, we don’t see the environment, we become one with the environment.

That means - cold, hot, rainy… whatever the good Lord throws at us, we have to deal with it first hand.

And don’t you dare going out riding on a tornado warning just because what I’m about to say here.

No, I’m not claiming there’s a solution for tornadoes or hurricanes. That’s not what the said “leather shield” is about.

But for extreme heat, extreme cold and even rainy or misty days… Then, there’s a SHIELD you can use - and that shield is: the biker jacket.

That’s right - the jacket is not only a protection from nasty blacktop rash. It’s a protection from the weather as well.

Detail of Concealed Carry Pocket on one of our jackets

So, how to choose a leather shield that will protect you from ALL the elements - making it an all-year round fighter?

Must-Have features on a biker jacket for “from Desert Hot to Polar Cold”

  • Quality zippers and snaps - quality zippers won’t let air through on those cold days
  • Zippered sleeves - more protection from accidents and from wind
  • Tight collar - when needed, zip it up!
  • Vents - keep the airflow when it’s hot, keeping your body temperature down
  • Zip-out lining - quality lining makes riding in the cold weather a better experience. The ability to zip it out makes your jacket suitable for both cold and hot days alike (especially when coupled with vents)

How about you, do you have any suggestions on what a jacket should have to be suitable for any weather?

Please, leave your comment below

Ride safe,


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