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Harley-Davidson is Dying. Whose fault is it?

What would you feel in a world with no Harley-Davidsons? With no Classics?
That would be a nightmare, right?

If you feel that this is bad, it gets even worse. Once again, the future is not looking so bright for our favorite brand ever.

I just read on a newspaper that Harley is "riding their Hog business model into the sunset, scaring Grandmothers and setting off car alarms to the last. They’re a dying breed (...)"

The fact is: it's not just about Harley-Davidson and Hogs. This is just a reflection of how we're trating our core values as a Country.

The amount of people against our Flag, against God, and against the American Dream we see today is a clear indication of how the self-entitled generation is throwing away years and years of hard work, sweat, and blood.

In an effort to break everything that has been built, this "new world vision" people lack to realize that America didn't get to be the greatest country in the world by being weak.

They celebrate weakness. They celebrate what's unfair, and want everything handed. No one wants to work & sweat anymore.

And Harley-Davidson, want it or not, is part of the American History. They have something that this new generation doesn't understand: Tradition.

And to me, it seems that, as the real American Values are dying, H-D is dying along with them.



What we need to do is to embrace, live, and display what we're made of.

We stand for tradition. A Classic view and a Classic stand on what's right, and what's not.

We stand for America. The true one, not this twisted version they're trying to impose on everyone.

I don't want to be in a dying demographic. I don't want America to turn into a pansy country. I don't want Harley-Davidson to ever be just a memory.

I want my grandkids to live in a Country based on hard work, God, and loud Hogs. Is that too much to ask?



That's why Born 2 Ride was born. We wanted to give the real Americans, the real men and women that believe that a great Country is built with hard work the taste and pride of the Classics.

Our Biker Gear is all based on the true classics. On the true Biker looks that give the feelings of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Pride, glory, values, and hard work.

This is how we show the pansies that we mean business. 

I mean, how many times have we seen Bikers stopping flag burning and scaring away "protestors"? I know I love those videos.

If you're one of us, then click here to check out our Classic Biker collection.

If you're not, get the hell outta here and go ride your vegan electric scooter.

Born 2 Ride


Jonny weir on May 02 2021 at 09:01AM

What a dumb commentary, perfect for losers. Good riddance Harley!

Anthony on December 15 2018 at 03:09AM

I agree with you on that story with Harley-Davidson. I have been a fan myself since 1995 and to me there is no other motorcycle outhere that will ever come close to having a Harley-Davidson!

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