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How motorcycles changed my life forever

I remember like it was yesterday, even though it has been... well, let's just say "decades"

I had just gotten out of college. I was broke, unemployed, and felt like complete sh*t. Didn't know where to go.

So, I started selling my stuff. I have a friend who said I was "selling my lunch in order to buy my dinner". He meant "dead end."

So I sold my poor, crappy car and bought my first motorcycle - a Honda CB350.

It was much cheaper and demanded less gas than a car. I was in. But little did I know...

I was immediately in love with riding. I mean, I couldn't go for long rides or anything, but even going down the street brought me a feeling I had never felt before.

One day, though the most amazing thing happened. I was at this diner where a friend worked and she hooked me up with an eventual... let's just say "complimentary" snack.

One day, while I was leaving, this guy was parking his Sporster. I loved that model (as I still do today) and just told him "nice bike, man".

That one gesture changed my entire life. Turns out this guy became my best friend (and still is)

Oh - he's an awesome businessman. Long story short, he eventually gave me a job, he invited me to his riding group (cool gang, by the way) and taught me a lot about business.

More recently, he helped build this little store you guys know as Born 2 Ride Store. He liked the t-shirts I was making and helped me grow this community.

So, I just wanted to thank you guys for being part of our history, and for supporting us.

The Born 2 Ride project is all about the biking community and how we all are blessed to have such an amazing outlet for being free. So free.

Next time you feel the wind on your face, think about this. How many awesome things have motorcycles brought into your life?

Let me know! Comment and tell me your best biker story.

Ride safe,



Holly Williamson on January 15 2018 at 03:50PM

Hello all, Here’s my story of how I feel in love with the biker lifestyle. I just recently resigned from my accounting job of 21 plus years, and started working with my husband. It was the best decision I have ever made….to take a chance and step out of the box from behind my desk and enjoy my life the way I wanted too. I was choosing happiness….and to me that was riding with my husband on our Harley. You see since we got our first bike 3 years ago it’s all we have done every day we could. I looked forward to it more than anything. The feeling I got riding on our bike was so freeing to me, that the same roads I had traveled for years were suddenly different on a bike, I started to notice how beautiful the land was and how the wind and sun felt on my face, and yes even the rain was different. It was breathtaking, it was how I wanted my life to be everyday. I hated going into an office with no windows and staring at the same computer all day doing the same job, day in and day out…..with no excitement or challenge, it had become what was sucking the life out of me, and I knew it…..and so did my husband. His support in my resignation was worth more to me than any money could replace. It was our decision to start living life the way we wanted together, instead giving it away to everyone else. We make our own schedule, therefore we decide our own destiny. We travel to as many bike events as we can now. Enjoying every moment of it, from the scenery of a small patch of grass in the middle of no where to the big cities, to the different styles of bikes new and old we have seen, to the most important part….the people we have met. I have cherished every minute of every story I’ve heard, whether it be a fellow bike rider or a person at the cafe we just met. It’s what life is supposed to be like, people learning and listening to each other’s life experiences, everyone has a story to tell its taking the time to listen that matters.
In conclusion, the motorcycle lifestyle is something I am very passionate about. Life, liberty and happiness. Be safe all, and most of all have fun!!

Thank you,
Holly A. Williamson
Perryville MO 63775

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