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It's funny

just this weekend I had a great friend of mine calling someone we know a RUB

If you don't know, a RUB is a Rich Urban Biker - it's a derogatory term people
use to describe someone who isn't a real biker - it's just someone who has the
money and is looking for a "fashion statement" or something.

Now, when I asked "why" he said other guy is a RUB. His answer:

- "he hasn't paid his DUE as one"

And that got me thinking...

I get called a RUB every now and then myself.

Why? Because I work in an office, because I wasn't riding a Harley, because I WAS
riding a Harley, because I have never committed any felonies...

My point is - who's to say what a "real" biker is?

Only because he couldn't or didn't have the money, or whatever reason, to buy a bike
before, now he can never be a "real" biker?

I mean, I KNOW there are RUBs out there - people who get a brand, get all the brand
gear, stickers on their car, tattoo, themed garage.. and ride like 100 miles a year.

But it's not always the case.

But to me, my bikes are not just a hunk of glorified metal.

They have soul, they have personalities. They ain't lifeless, is what I mean.

And I SURE spent a long share of my time riding them, too.

My point is - if you really connect and you're constantly thinking about riding your
bike, even though you may not be able to do it all the time... you're a "real" biker,
as far as I'm concerned

Ride safe


Kj on June 30 2017 at 11:08PM

If you call me a RUB, it’s because I rub you the wrong way! I ride to live, and I started riding when I was 10 yrs old, and I’ll ride till I die

William on June 22 2017 at 03:52PM

Well I guess I’m a RUB, but I’m not rich for sure. I just got my first bike at 56. I’ve always wanted a Harley, so I got one. I ride every afternoon and on the weekends. I’m having a ball. Wish I could have done it years ago. I’m ok with being called a RUB, I just like to ride.

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