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Why a motorcycle is the best motivational speaker

Have you realized how this generation lives in a little box? That freaking iPhone or any smartphone, for that matter.

Everywhere you are, restaurant, coffee shop, even at home... people have their hunchbacks and eyes that seem to have been glued to a tiny cell phone screen.

I'm not against smartphones at all - but isn't it weird how much people stopped living what's around them? People have no time for the real life anymore!

If you are a biker, you obviously crave for the outdoors. It's our nature. It's where we belong.

Now, about that crazy title - here's what motorcycles do for you:

  • You develop a sharp focus - your hands, feet, vision, and hearing are always busy. People who don't ride bikes don't appreciate how much work you're doing - clutch, gears, signal, throttle, brakes - and motorcycles aren't as forgiving as cars. They take focus.
  • You start to plan ahead - every time you go for a ride, you have to think of many things beforehand - Will it rain? Will it get cold, or hot? What riding gear to use and take? And for long trips, where to go, sleep... You start doing that off the motorcycle as well
  • You get smart about the road - great motorcyclists develop a whole library of situations in their brains and even muscle memory - blind spots, slow curves, spots where traffic turns left, gravel and dirt on road... 
  • Becoming one with your environment - You develop a relationship with your motorcycle and the surrounding environment. When you're in the zone, enjoying the hell out of a ride, what you think, your machine executes in what seems to be in an automatic fashion. You feel the wind, the smells, the cold and the heat, and whatever else comes at you.

And you know what... whenever I'm finished with my ride for the day... there's a feeling of greatness... of belonging... that nothing else can provide.

How about you - do you agree that motorcycles make us better people?

Comment below and let us know how being a biker has changed you!




Tiana Robles on September 17 2018 at 10:56PM

I Love this! My brother described it in such a similar way. He often would say he was “married to his bike”. It was his love and “till death do us part”. He said that and really meant it too. He knew his bike, respected and cared for it better than anything! October 28, 2009 he took his bike to heaven. I cry everyday but he passed away doing something he loved and he always told us that he knew the risks that came with it all and he said if you didn’t know then you aren’t meant to ride.

I just love reading this post. Because it’s that feeling he always described.

If only the world could all understand the beautiful people that are under the helmets… I think if they did… well the roads would be a better place! <3

Ride safe <3

Sheila Harrison on November 13 2017 at 10:59PM

Grew up with motorcycles my father rode and owned close to every bike made he taught me how to Ride and started me out on bike at 6weeks old I enjoy riding more than anything I would not be happy with out a bike It’s the best way to clean your mind and enjoy yourself no matter what you are going through in life a ride helps you in ways that nothing else can ! I’ve had Horses and Harley’s all my life awalys will !! ??

Gary Chadwick on October 19 2017 at 11:17AM

I agree! Riding is a great way to connect with and experience the world around us! It has made me a better car driver amoung other things! When you are driving a car, you’re watching a movie, when you ride, you ARE the movie!

Mike on October 18 2017 at 09:22PM

I don’t know about you. But when I get out there and am I’m my groove with all the aforementioned loves of riding and it’s time to come home. It just feels like it wasn’t a long enough ride and don’t want to come home. Need more time out on my bike.

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