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Why wear chaps?

Motorcycle chaps are actually an important part of protective clothing when it comes to riding a motorcycle safely.

Its function is to prevent the dreaded road rashes, or abrasion wounds in case of (knock on wood) you get a road crash.

They can be made of many materials, but you definitely want to use leather - that's the one which will provide the best protection all over. They allow you to wear your regular jeans while giving the protection of full leather pants (which, I don't know about you, but I find HORRIBLE to use)

Unlike the leather pants, they actually let you keep your mobility and flexibility, which are important when you're riding. You don't wanna get stuck when you're trying to put your leg down, do ya?

The fact that they're comfortable to use (especially when compared to leather pants) will also help you ride for longer periods of time, without squirming around in your seat while you ride.

One more thing about comfort - they ain't as damn hot as those damn leather pants. I mean, you ride a bike. You know what "swamp ass" is. You do NOT wanna have swamp ass in leather pants, TRUST ME on this one.

Finally, good chaps also come with pockets and sometimes even with concealed pockets where you can store all of your stuff and keep it handy when needed.

How about you, do you use chaps?

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Ken on November 18 2016 at 11:51AM

I want to wear chaps but during the 90’s, when every douchebag in the country decided to go buy a Harley because hair metal rock stars rode them, chaps became part of the douchebag biker costume.

I’m hoping that this has changed. Then again, I’m still going to get me some even if it hasn’t.

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