It's Like  Going Back In Time To
When Bikers Were Badasses, Not Hipsters, and Getting a true Classic Jacket
With Built-In Gun Holsters!

It's Like Going Back In Time To When
Bikers Were Badasses, Not Hipsters, and
Getting a true Classic Jacket
With Built-In Gun Holsters!

"Classic Racer"

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Not everything or everyone can get a smile out of a biker - but a Classic usually has that effect on us.

The Café Racer movement started in a post-war England. Guys trying to prove each other they could "ton-up" (that is, hit 100+ mph on their motorcycles). Boys will be boys, they say.

These guys mocked the "needless stuff" that made the "Brando" jackets so famous (flappy collars, off-centered zippers, e-paulets...)

They took out that extra-weight, bulked up paddings on the shoulders and elbows (smart if you wanna go at 100+ mph) and came up with a lean, mean second skin - the Café Racer style jacket.

The Classic Racer Jacket 2.0 is a modern reproduction of that spirit - a jacket with no-frills, with some badass modern days add-ons (which stay out of the way of its classic style)

Check out the Features below to learn more about this jacket - from concealed carry pockets to zip-out lining and vents, this jacket has got it all.


For Hot and Cold Weather

The zip-out lining adds an extra layer when it's cold, keeping you warm and protected - or can be taken off (all the way through the sleeves!)

This makes all the difference when you wear a full jacket on those hot, sunny days - especially when coupled with the next feature:

Quality Leather

Both leather options are 1.3mm thick and are very sturdy - they will protect you should you slide.

Choose from affordable and dependable split leather, or go for the higher quality and softness of the premium naked cowhide leather

Concealed Carry

2 internal concealed carry pockets (one on each side) will ensure you are always prepared, whatever comes your way.

These pockets are 11" deep and have elastic bands to secure your weapon and 2 extra cartridges

Keep the air flowing

The zippered vents (2 in the back, 1 in the front) will create an air flow that will allow your body sweat to evaporate faster, keeping your body temperature down.

This allows for a much more comfortable ride during the summer - as long as you're moving (which is the whole point of motorcycling, am I right?)

Freedom in movement

The last thing you want is a jacket that holds you back, making it hard for you to sit in the riding position for even some minutes (let alone hours)

The action back provides you with freedom of movement, especially when your arms are up on the handlebars. Say goodbye to that uncomfortable feeling of arms that just won't reach the bars.

Beer-belly proof

The side laces will provide that extra give for all of us who have invested a couple thousand dollars into sculpting our beer belly.

Decided you'll wear a sweater underneath the jacket? Just give it a little adjustment and you're ready to go.


The 60 Day Free Ride Guarantee

Order right now with confidence!
Try your jacket for 60 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!
There’s absolutely no-risk in giving it a try. No questions asked, you can get your money back!

Your jacket ships free* within 7 days
(* valid in the USA only)


The best classic motorcycle jacket I have ever seen

Wow, what a jacket. It is more then just a jacket, it is my riding buddy. The leather is so soft. It fits so well. And with the removable liner on the inside it will be warm when needed and cool when needed.

Thanks for such a great jacket, and free shipping as well. The shipping was fast as well. What else could I ask for. Now lets go ride."


" I ordered the jacket not knowing what to expect and when it arrived it was beyond my expectations.

Fits perfect, quality is excellent and the price is great.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Thanks and now I am going to order the chaps.


"My jacket arrived in a very timely manner, I am impressed with it.

The fit is good,the zip in liner is a nice feature, plus the quality of the leather.

Nice 5 stars!"


"Received mine last week (in Naked Cowhide) and used it on a long ride through the Allegheny National Forest last weekend. The fit is perfect, and it kept me comfortable during the first hint of Fall chill in the mountains. Form, Fit and function all get 5 stars. great value too. This jacket will last a life time.


Customer Reviews

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not bad but is a little to small but that's ok ...

Classic racer jacket 2.0

The fit is great and the quality is better than I expected. This will look good with my retro style but new Janus Motorcycle.

Classic Racer Jacket 2.0

I received my Classic Racer Jacket 2.0. I really like the looks, the style, and the fit. I haven't had a chance to ride with it yet but looking forward to trying it out with my bikes.
I will give it!
I'm wanting to get a matching one for the wife.
I will be ordering from Born 2 Ride again!!

Classic racer jacket 2 .0

I ordered it for my son who weighs 310 6"3 got a 5x this jacket is amazing he absolutely loves it its heavy duty just like they describe it my son loves it I recommend Born 2 ride I even orderd the wrong coat at first they answer my email not as quick as I thought but refunded my money quickly so I could get the right jacket .. My new favorite riding gear site.....thank you Born 2 ride you have awesome prices good quality


I like jacket alot thank u for everything

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Classic Racer Jacket

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Sizing chart and leather types on FAQ (right below!)


Please measure your chest to find your appropriate size

If your belly is bigger than your chest, use that measurement instead.

Size (in.)











US Size (approx)












Q: What's the difference between split and naked cowhide leather?
A: there's a more thorough explanation right below the FAQ if you want a more in-depth explanation - but basically, naked cowhide is the premium option and split leather is a more affordable, but still great quality leather.

Q: Should I order one size up?
A: you have to consider that leather has no give - that is, it isn't "elastic" - so if your preferred size is a bit tight or if you intend to wear layers of clothing underneath the jacket, go a size up.

Leather grades explanation

Split and Naked are both genuine Cowhide Leather types - all of our pieces are about 1.3mm thick. (motorcycle grade)

Naked Cowhide is a premium soft leather that are not grain corrected. That means they need to be hand selected for the best look and uniformity, and only the highest quality hides can be used to make naked leather products

Split Leather is the cowhide that is found below the top layer. It is a bit less durable then the top layers of the hide, but more affordable. They need to be sanded and embossed with the leather grain (which is a perfect copy from the naked cowhides) to have its finished look - and it looks perfect if a good job is done.