The Right Look

We had to start with that one, well, just because it looks that good.

This piece has the right looks. Troy G., from Lakewood, CO told us that he was impressed of how much it reminded him of his old one:

"I haven't had that type of motorcycle leather jacket in 28 years, since my motorcycle accident. I got this one and it fits perfect... i love it!!!"

You'll ride your bike and you'll look like a biker. That is, unless you ride a 50cc, then, well... I guess this isn't for you.


Motorcycle-Grade Leather

A jacket made for riding should be resistant to extremes.

The leather on these jackets is 1.3mm thick (opposed to industry standard of 1.1mm) and is very sturdy. We make them with C-Bonded Leather, which means there is chrome metal embedded in it, through the magic of chemistry. This makes the leather much stronger and more resistant.

In case you ever slide, it will make a difference. Russ A. from Burlington, WA, has an incredible story to share:

"I was cruising along when a car pulls a complete u turn into me... well it was a heck of a ride, split my Simpson bandit helmet, crushed my right leg from knee down. Any way the gloves and jacket saved my hide from any road rash (tore the hell out of them)."

You can choose between Standard or Premium cowhide leather optons. The premium is softer and it's made from the top layer of the cowhide. It retains the natural leather grain patterns. Both leather options are strong and safe, and will provide a 4x safety factor against skin injury.


The Right to Bear Arms

The Classic Leather Jacket comes with 2 internal Ez-Draw Pockets, one on each side. They provide the most comfortable concealed carry while on a motorcycle.

The Ez-Draw Pockets are designed for concealed carry. They are 11" deep, and have elastic bands to secure your weapon and 2 extra cartridges on each side.

That means you will be able to ride freely and painlessly. Say NO MORE to hard-to-reach holsters, awkward riding positions and even the risk of dropping your gun while on the road (nightmare!)


For Hot and Cold Weather

A biker jacket has to be comfortable and suitable for any weather and season. It will serve you at all times, under any weather.

The zip-out lining adds an extra layer when it's cold, keeping you warm and cozy. Super hot day? Just zip it out, all the way through the sleeves!

This means you can keep your looks and protection, no matter if it's hot or cold outside. Does the weather allow you to ride? If so, then, you can take your jacket along.


Keep the air flowing

This feature is exclusive for hot days or hot places, and it works best when you have taken your zip-out lining off.

This jacket has 3 zippered vents, 2 in the back, 1 in the front. Once you're moving, they channel the air flow into all the right places. This allows your body sweat to evaporate faster, keeping your body temperature down.

Result: a much more comfortable ride on those hot, sunny days. The engineering of the air flow system allows your body to cool down better than if you were wearing no jacket at all


Freedom in movement

The last thing you want is a jacket that holds you back. This can turn an otherwise enjoyable ride into actual pain.

The action back sleeves provide you with the freedom of movement your upper body needs. This is especially important when your arms are up on the handlebars.

The special cut-and-sew abilities to make a sleeve suitable for a riding jacket... those take a biker to understand.

You'll now ride with much more comfort. Say goodbye to that feeling of arms that just won't reach the bars.


Beer-belly proof

Yesterday it was too loose, today, it's too tight? Not with the side laces.

These side laces can provide that extra give when you need to wear a sweater below the jacket. That extra give is also valid for all of us who have invested a few thousand dollars into sculpting our beer belly.

Need to wear a sweater? Need to wear a vest? Ate too much turkey? Just give it a little adjustment and you're ready to go.