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What's the difference between Split and Naked Leather?

What's the difference between Split, Top Grain and Naked Leather?

Split, Top Grain and Naked are Cowhide Leather and our leather pieces are all about 1.3mm thick.  

Naked Cowhide is a premium soft leather that is not grain corrected. That means they need to be hand selected for the best look and uniformity, and only the highest quality hides can be used to make naked leather products. There should be no scars on the hide.

All of our Premium Leather products are made with Naked Cowhide.

Top Grain Leather is very close in quality to naked cowhide. The main difference is that it needs a thin finishing layer of pigment and may need some corrections due to grain imperfections, scars on the hide, and so on.

All of our Top Grade Leather products are made with Top Grain Leather.

Split Leather is the cowhide that is found below the top layer. It is slightly less flexible then the top layers of the hide, but much more affordable. They need to be sanded and embossed with the leather grain (which is a copy from the naked cowhides) to have its finished look - and it looks superb, if a good job is done.

All of our Standard Leather products are made with Split Leather

Please note that the pictures below were all taken under different light conditions, making the colors look slight different - please, disregard the colors and focus on the leather grain

Split leather pic was taken under different lighting conditions.
The color of the 3 is exactly the same