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Leather Maintenance

As most store-bought products, our leather gear is preconditioned.

However, taking some time to give them special care will help ensure that you enjoy your gear for many, many years of wear.

One thing to keep in mind is that prevention always beats cure. It's smart to protect your investment, as your gear will last for so much longer if you take some simple steps.

So, here are some tips on how you can keep your leather gear always looking great:

Make your leather water resistant

Treat your jacket to protect it against moisture using topical oils and water resistant dressings to help extend its life.

There are many "leather protector" and "leather waterproofing" products which you can use, but make sure you read the label carefully before applying them.

These products should be reapplied every several weeks or months and, despite what they might claim, your jacket will NOT be completely waterproof - so never place it in a washing machine

Occasionally apply some leather conditioner

Using leather conditioner keeps the leather hydrated, restoring oils, which will prevent cracking.

If your jacket starts to feel dry or stiff, apply conditioner to make it come alive again. But be careful - don't add too much, as this could clog the leather pores.

Some tips:

Keeping it clean

If you need to wash off drink or food spills (such as spaghetti drippings or some good ole beer) with a mild soapy solution while they are still fresh. Avoid harsh detergents.

After you're finished with your ride, clean off bugs and road grime immediately, as these can become extremely hard to wipe out if they're allowed to stay on the jacket for a long time.

Before you start regular cleaning, remove any mold or mildew on the jacket. This can be done using a proprietary leather stain-removal spray or using a clean, damp white lint-free cloth.

Remove all salt deposits with a damp cloth. When it's damp, some salt deposits can form on the leather. Cleaning those will avoid dry spots and cracks.

General recommendations

If you let your leather get wet, let it air dry. Hang it on a strong hanger and let it dry at room temperature. Remove any objects from pockets and never place it facing direct heat sources.

It's also a good idea to apply conditioner after it dries.

To avoid that your jacket gets wrinkly, always store them on a hanger. If you are bothered with major wrinkles, we recommend you take your jacket to a professional leather cleaner.


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